Sofia Suleiman

Sofia Suleiman is a British Artist living and working in London, UK. She gained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Leeds College of Art. She later moved to London to live and work where she worked at the contemporary art gallery ‘The Saatchi Gallery’.  


Sofia describes her work as an expression of her soul. She likes to work abstract although she also likes to do portraits. Sofia works with colour and has also used gold leaf in her work.


‘I am interested in the relationships between colour and how different colour combinations can create a scene and transcend you back to a memory of a time or place. I love to create stories and connect the abstract colours and patterns into ideas.’


Flower watercolours:

Sofia Suleiman has created a series of watercolours based on the vibrant colours and interesting forms that can be found in flowers. In this series she expressively plays with paint and colour to create shapes that create her floral compositions.

‘I love to play and experiment with colour and create something that is slightly abstract but that can also be seen in the form of flowers. I like to do this because I want the viewer to relate to the image of a flower however I like the painting to also be very expressive and abstract at the same time. I feel this concept creates a story and an emotional piece of work. I like using watercolours because they are fluid and painterly; here expression and emotion is made more apparent.’




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