Samantha Lewis


Samantha paused her career as a fashion paralegal last year after attending AfrikaBurn in South Africa. She went travelling to find where she wanted to create a base from which to follow her creative playful compass. This allows her to complete more soulful projects than she could have completed as a Solicitor.


During her travels she used her mobile phone to take 100% of her source imagery for her fashion and lifestyle brand, Maantha. Samantha then edited the photos into a series of patterns. She is currently based in Amsterdam where she hand dyes fiber using plant extract over an open fire. Her plants are not yet ready for harvest. She then spins the yarn and knits or embroiders it into clothes and interior textiles using her patterns and photographs. Some of the images in this exhibition are the source images for her collection.


The art of spinning yarn is peppered with connotations and references to unity. A spinster is historically a single woman, she combines the fibers together to make them stronger and longer. Making the yarn into something creates a union of idea and reality. 



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