Jeanne Roche

Originally from Montpellier, France, Jeanne Roche currently lives and works in London.

She graduated (M.A) from the Marseille Mediterranean College of Art and Design in 2012 where

she mainly studied sculpture. She also studied in the Textual Sculpture studio at the Academy of

Fine Arts Vienna (Austria) in 2011.


Her drawings are intriguing and question the “viewer”, a blurred effect interwoven with a meticulous

style paying attention to detail.

This search for “meticulousness” is expressed in her Micro-sculptures created from very diverse

and colourful “pop” materials such as Kinder® toys, false nails and eyelashes, birthday cake

candles, makeup, coloured sponge, children’s plasters ...

She works with these elements and materials in a way which is experimental and close to playing,

it emerges from a sense of curiosity, a desire to “see what will happen”, like a childish curiosity.


For Unity group exhibition, she will be showing a selection of drawings from 2016/2017 and the

Precious Mountains Micro-sculptures series.



See more work by Jeanne here.