Working across varied disciplines of film, sound, drawing and painting, she creates work from emotional responses to an environment, the factors that can effect these responses to new and unfamiliar places and the importance of homing.


Ione is interested in spending time in spaces that are personal and private, someone's bedroom, looking out of the window of their kitchen, sitting curled up on a sofa, in a friend's arms, and making them public. And public spaces, active places, train journeys, airports, train stations, parks and city centres, where the constant flow of people causes an atmosphere that is not anticipate, constantly changing, making a 'personal' response.


Her practice begins with drawing, sitting in public and listening to the conversations in passing between strangers, watching how people respond to individuals they know and others that they don't. She is interested in spending time in environments where an individual's reaction can be massively premeditated by the presence of a friend or their interactions with strangers, their emotional state as the day progresses, nerves, illness or excitement, and the familiarities that allow them comfort.


Ione enjoys working with reality. Translating the emotions of the real space into the fictional.



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