The ability to escape one's world is something we all long for from time to time, and as a child he did exactly that, through the medium or art and drawing.


Duncan's parents always supported his interest, bough him plenty of materials and gave him books and stories about fantasy worlds. These books filled his imagination with ideas and the belief that he could create such worlds by drawing them, it still influences him today. The pencil was what he stopped on. His mind began to wonder even more after discovering the ability to make patterns and shapes far more detailed, and so for years to come that is all he remembers using.


He discovered watercolour after years of fearing the technique, when he was 15. His art teacher coached him and built up his confidence in using this approach. While at school he was a minimalist when it came to studying, even with the subject of art and learning about other artists, but maybe it helped him try and see what he could do without being inspired by other artists.


His mind just seemed to inspire itself.


He left school, a young man with just two minor art related qualifications, and his hope to make a living through art felt weak. Nearly 20 years later he's picked up a paintbrush once again and he loves it more than ever. He likes his paintings to be like molecules in the human body, where every single cell of the subject has an important part to play. In lots of ways, he feels like what and how he paints nowadays perfectly depicts the moment he transitioned the transition from pencil to his first brushstroke how he felt then and how he feels now.




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