Kateryna Kyslitska


Let me introduce myself. I am Kateryna and I do detailed illustrations. I love gardens, houses, streets, books and flowers. 

I believe that looking at pretty things makes us happier and I am lucky to live in London where all sorts of beautiful places are so accessible. Architecture and parks inspire me to translate my emotions into drawings and I hope my drawings will inspire other people (or even you) to go out and feel the scent of those flowers or the mood of those streets. 


After graduation from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design I was working as an illustrator for a greeting card publisher. My cards are still successfully selling in small shops all over the UK and a few big retailers including Waitrose and Fenwick. That, and some other freelance projects, gave me confidence to set up my own shop and start designing products according to my own aesthetics. 


I offer prints of my original drawings in different sizes. I hope that my streets and flowers will add a bit of atmospheric charm to your room and you will enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed drawing them. Some of the designs are available as greeting cards, on their own or together with the matching print. 

At the moment I am working on a nursery wall art collection. I am adding on listings to the shop as long as they are finished and I am happy with the result. Please follow my shop for the updates, if you like what I do. I have many ideas and plan to issue quite a few products this year. I am actively present on Instagram where I post my work in progress, spam my followers with my baby Peter and will start running competitions with giveaways very soon.


And feel free to contact me for custom orders. Most of the nursery designs can be personalised - I can change composition to fit a name or a special date. 

It was nice to meet you! Have a good day and pursue your dreams! xx






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