Edward Day Wells

I try to capture a moment in time- like when a song transports you to a moment, the culture, the mood. The references made are both personal and general. I was raised in London and grew up hearing the stories of the East End from Jack the Ripper to the cable street riots, the 50's and swinging 60's as well as the good the bad and the ugly.


I use suburban collectibles and model miniatures to add layers and bring some real London items into the work. London Walls have a story to tell, but it comes from behind them. They are big bold pop art influence pieces from a distance as you close in they have more visual surprises a not to my main influence, LS Lowry.


"I'm a simple man, I use simple materials"

- LS Lowry


Images are multilayered and manipulated photographs, the frames consist of reclaimed wood, iron, brick and resin. With original transport collectibles incorporated. 


I would like to create larger pieces. I'm interested in preserving the architecture and feel of London and how art can highlight that. I would love to cover a building in images.






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