Alma McHyatt

"I define my style as refined, constructive, and subtle with certain cinematic characteristics. No rigid, more like the Greeks said, "still in motion and moved in the stillness".


Alma started to use Photoshop in Barcelona in 1998 and since then she has been creating her own artworks and have collaborated on several projects, with musicians, NGOs, schools through the Comenius European Commission, educational innovation projects and a series of collaborative works with a lot of artists around the world, all related to art, music and creative writing.


The diversity of the people that she's lived and worked with has given her versatility, the ability to adapt herself to other working concepts. 

She was born in Spain in 1971. She has grown up seeing her parents welcome people from all over the world including China, Senegal, the United States, the former Soviet Union, most European countries and even Japan into their home. This is the reason why she has no prejudices about people and this has had a great impact on her life.


She knows the United States and the majority of the European cultures very well and she wants to transmit to the world her vision of those realities that are so different from each other yet when put together are part of the puzzle of the world.





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