Sandra Surdu


Sandra Surdu is a figurative surrealist painter and creative writer currently living in London. She describes her artwork as an emotional remembrance of how fascinating yet mystical is living within a woman spirit, trying by painting to capture and keep forever significant feelings and sensible moments of her life. The atypical features of the illustrated characters and the semi-shadowy portrayal reveal the bewilderment over solitude, vulnerability, melancholy and stillness and the ethereal greatness and enchantment that revolves around the female figure. There is also the endlessly healing  and constant return to nature and the unity with it, trees and flowers being present in almost all of her artworks. While she considers the painting a silent poetry and a own way to escape the conventional-ism and reality, a poem is behind every of her works, detailing the source of her inspiration and the dreamlike state. Over an aesthetic purpose, she wishes with her art to inspire and to encourage everyone's imagination to take form, figure and colour, setting free the magic and the fantasy of their thoughts beyond rational, embracing the strangeness and the singularity of their conscious.





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