Fiona Carney

Fiona (Hollis) Carney, London based multi media artist, has always been inspired by street art, graffiti, architecture & nature’s own designs. Looking beyond what we are shown, and all that is ‘pretty’ Fiona blends images of times, places & people to express her view of the world around her. Photographing people, buildings and details from the streets, she works these images into each piece. Each picture is composed to highlight conversations and prompt questions.


Growing up in South London, Singapore & the U.S.A, Fiona has absorbed & experienced the juxtaposition of being a tourist, an observer & a local. There are many ways of seeing when your perspective is repeatedly altered.  Drawing, painting, photography & digital collage allow Fiona to juxtapose realities & ideas. Creating bespoke commissions to convey key messages for companies & organisations is something she loves, also working with musicians to create album artwork. The vibrancy of her pictures is fast becoming her trademark. Digital giclée prints, by Jealous Print Studio. Screen printed special editions coming soon. 




See more of Fiona's work here.