Alexandra Zenobia Beatrice Taylor


This series of simplistic line-works are an attempt to introduce the viewer to the every-day reality of

LGBT homelessness, especially in youth. I put these pieces together in an attempt to raise money for

the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that offers help to homeless LGBT young people in crisis in the


I Particularly explored this theme through the feelings of entrapment and alienation from

surrounding society and/or family. After having interviewed a friend who’d experienced

homelessness on account of her sexuality, these, along with hopelessness and emptiness, she felt,

were her most recurring feelings at the time. I explored these emotions through the use of

contrasting colours, thickness of line, and placement of figures. I particularly employed continuous

lines to deliver a unity in the piece, to reflect an idealistic unity in society.

While currently studying in Hong Kong, I am an Exeter based artist. My interest in this project, and

more broadly in the Albert Kennedy Trust, is derived from my identity as part of the LGBTQIA+

community, as well as having people in my life struggling with these themes here raised.