Yulia Robinson


Yulia Robinson (née Baturina) born in Russia, Sakhalin Island and graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA (Hons) Mixed Media Fine Art. Currently lives and works between London and the South of France.


Yulia is a painter, sculptor and installation artist working with a wide range of media to create work that challenges the traditional definitions of visual art. 

Immersion in diverse cultures gained through extended periods living in the Far East of Russia, London, Cameroon, Amsterdam and the South of France has shaped her perception and artistic representation of the world with inspiration provided by exposure to local artists, culture and the natural world. 


Her art is not about the reproduction of objects but rather their discovery within space and time, by incorporating vibrant contrasting colours, elements of movement, repetition. 


Without illustrating specific details she encourages viewers to connect with her work in an intuitive and intimate way, witness the texture, enjoy the colours, and look for new forms created in light and shadow. Her multi-layered paintings involve figurative forms along with a variety of abstract language. 

"I enjoy the process of making and using new media. Often painting by fingers, mixing colours, adding texture, contrast, my work is mostly a free gesture and intuitive based process. It's  important to keep the balance between control and letting go."





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