Sima Chavda

Sima Chavda is a self-taught resin artist based in South London.


She began to express her creative skill and imagination early on in her childhood, taking her sketchbook wherever she went, quickly filling it up with the most intricate drawings and paintings. Despite initially choosing a career as a Doctor, she promised to never let go of her true passion and over the years, her artwork has become bolder and increasingly explorative.


Experimenting through various mediums and techniques, Sima was instantly captivated by the fluid nature of resin and enamoured with the glass-like finish. Resin brings together her love for science and art resulting in the perfect medium to beautifully capture her expressions of creativity and emotion. She has developed a distinctive style that involves a multi-layered approach, giving her the ability to encapsulate incredible amounts of detail, depth and flow into each of her stunning pieces.


Sima’s dedication and talent have allowed her to rapidly excel as a resin artist, creating unique pieces that have generated a significant amount of interest from those that have had an opportunity to appreciate her work.


‘The beauty of resin is its unpredictability, allowing each piece of work to be unique with its own energy, telling its own story’.



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