Roksana Welke


It is a mixture of different techniques, with preference for oil and acrylic. 

It utilises straight shapes, lines, empty spaces with a palette knife.

It includes a set of sketches, mistakes as it covers and changes. 

All these steps are reflected on the same surface. There is no previous work on ideas, sketching or thinking process. 

It is an improvised impulse with an unexpected result. A result that tends to change over the time. 


The spectator's point of view is important to me. 

The viewer is the one who ask why, the one who tries to give it a sense,  the one who creates a story for each artwork... 

They finish the canvas. 


It's  inspirational  how the same picture can be interpreted in a thousands ways. All of these stories make brings art to life. 

Art provokes, inspires and creates- this is what my unfinished works aim to do.