Katie Bicknell

I have two passions in life; (well, three if you count darts!) music and art. I had to choose between them when I was studying for my A-levels. I spent 8 hours painting one day, and I had auditions for conservatoires coming up, so I should have been practicing. The one and only time my parents asked if had done any flute practice was that day and I had to make a decision. I chose music.


As a freelance professional musician I now paint whenever I'm not playing. The perfect balance!


Living in Suffolk, like so many wonderful artists and musicians, a lot of my work is of the beautiful landscape and of course the skies of East Anglia. I spent 2 months a year for 7 years working in India which has greatly influenced my use of colour and emotion. My watercolours are big and bright, using carrier bags and cling film, ink and netting. My acrylics  and oils are bigger, with light being the focus.


Emotion is very important to me as a performer. I have to be able to change the nuance of a phrase every time I play it and I hope this ability to portray emotion comes through in my paintings.