Jenny Ardagh

When Jenny was just 13 years old, she developed a deep and enduring love for photography. Since then, she has experimented with a range of genres, cameras, subjects and mediums; shooting with film, digitally, in black and white, in colour; photographing people, places, food and getting close up to nature. She studied A level Photography, where she expanded on her creativity with film photography in her school dark room, also teaching herself to use Photoshop and excel with her first DSLR camera. Between studying for a degree in Psychology and entering the working world, she embarked on a journey of a lifetime to South East Asia, where she was inspired by the culture and utterly beautiful scenery. She soon realised how much she loved travel photography and has since endeavoured to produce photographs that perfectly capture the individual cultures of all the countries she has visited, including: Antiqua, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Scotland, France and Italy, among others. Jenny hopes to continue her journey with photography on many more trips, both across the world and here in the UK and has recently set up a website in order to inspire others with her photographs. 




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