Minjoo Kim

I'm a narrative painter who was born in South Korea and graduated MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in 2017. Most of my early works aimed to research my own identity based on my personal experiences in conservative Korean society. But after I moved to London 2 years ago, life in a new culture and society led to the discovery of various different perspectives, which resulted in an expansion of my focus to include a more general examination of issues surrounding women’s identity, particularly East Asian women. It was a natural transition for me because I always observe myself from where I belong. The stories in my paintings always start from substituting specific women(or myself) in virtual narratives. These women in the paintings are randomly placed in isolated, ironic or confusing situations which represent certain issues in the real world or personal crisis. And they are delivering those uncomfortable feelings to the viewers. I'm also interested in the emotional result that the painting generates rather than the root and the process of it. Instead of defining or declaring the form of identity in a certain way, I'm concentrating on observing the subject’s present state. In that sense, I believe the best way for this research is to keep producing little points of contact for empathy with the women like me.




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