claudia guariglia

Claudia Guariglia, also know as Enyou around the web, is an Italian illustrator, photographer and all-round creative with a passion for pastel colours, vintage and design.


Born in Salerno, in the South of Italy, she moved to London after living and studying in Rome, where she got her degree in Graphic Art.

The focus of her works are the simple things that often go unnoticed, everyday, intimate scenes, and lots and lots of plants and flowers, often turned into colourful decorative pattern. Her one true love is traditional media, especially gouache paint and coloured pencils, but her works are often a mix of those and some digital techniques. Together with illustration she enjoys doing hand lettering/calligraphy as well, and combining the two into finished pieces.


When not drawing, she loves taking pictures, with a preference for shooting film, which very much reflects her love for traditional, hands on, medias.


Her works appeared on independent publications such as Token Magazine, Lodestars Anthology, Stigmazine, Tinals, and more. She is also part of an Italian collective of illustrators, called TUTTE collective, and currently working on issue number 3 of the collective zine.




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