Chloe Avery




I was born in 1984, the second child of seven, the other six being boys. I grew up in South east

London before moving to East London aged 16. I began my studies at London college of Fashion

where I completed a BA degree with first class hons and then was awarded a bursary to complete a

Masters in surface textiles for Fashion. This birthed my love of textile and thread.


Since then I have got Married and had two sons. Via a few creative avenues and having lived abroad

in the Netherlands for three years, I have developed myself as an embroidery artist. I would call my

self a hyper realistic impressionist, as I capture food and recognisable objects using coloured thread

in a way that, to the viewer could initially be mistaken for paint. The Atypical medium of my work

draws the viewer in and forces them to question what they see. I use food and nostalgia as

inspiration, food carries memory and culture and in my time abroad in Amsterdam my realisation

that everyone has a different story with food was so inspirational. In early 2018 I exhibited my first

solo exhibition in East London’s Genesis Cinema called ‘A Taste Of Home’. I have since had a steady

requests for commissions and also a Finalist for the #libertyopencall new talent finder for 2018.


I will continue to take my inspiration from food as I embroider and as I develop as an artist I’m very

interested to take inspiration from recognisable mass produced items found around the home which

evoke memory and a sign post to culture.




See more of Chloe's work here.