Michael Major


Is a London based self- taught artist inspired by urban lifestyle and culture, particularly that of London. He focuses on the use of acrylics for their bold finish and adaptable properties to create striking landscapes and effects to emphasise the stories he is trying to tell with his painting. Michael thinks of the canvas as a “checkpoint” where both his and the viewers trail of thought meet and harmonise.


Gaming plays a massive part of his life along with art and other forms of expression that can give him respite from reality. He loves the way he can get lost in a game or a book and for that period of time be it 5 minutes or 5 hours, whatever picture is displayed in front of him becomes my reality. All of a sudden the sight of a spaceship zooming past, or a bunch of aliens congregating in a far away galaxy or being a part of a futuristic civilisation doesn’t seem that far fetched.


Michael believes strongly that the 9-5 culture we adhered to for so long made us almost robotic; hitting deadlines, attending meetings, paying the bills and essentially acting as players in one big elaborate game. Whether it’s the next holiday, a pay rise or trip abroad, we all crave that escape from our day- to- day agenda, which is really the concept for the pieces in the showcase. Michael is really interested in perspective and seeing how small we as people are in the grander scheme of things, which is why most of his work adopts a very detailed but almost panoramic composition. Michael was told as a kid to stay grounded and to keep his head out of the clouds, but he is not convinced it’s such a bad place to be.


His previous works have seen me doing murals for bedrooms, set designs but now moving more into commission based work in the last year.