Chris Allan

Chris Allan: Anomalies, Lines, Forms and Vortices
Few artists working today are as Neoclassical in their understanding of form as Chris Allan. His working method is derived from the French Academic system of the late 19th century. Chris uses images and stories, weaves alternating narratives between vanity and self-loathing, that show the struggles to tear ourselves away from our own reflections. 
The exhibition features his astonishing new works, which highlight our societal perceptions when viewed through the skewed prism of social media. The term “anomaly” is invoked to define something that deviates from what is standard, expected or normal. Quite suitably, Chris's “anomalies” portray the perfect deviations that typify his subjects in a social media haunted world which is devoid of emotional depth and intimacy. 
The experimental process that birthed this new collection of work reflects who Chris is as an artist, as well as those who find resonance with his creations. Like many of us, his anomalies are seeking new information on who their true personas might be. A process of self actualisation based on feedback sourced from the heaving, permafiltered hivemind of social media. Chris portrays this fragility with thick textured forms and various undulating lines around hollow, melancholic bodies that express themselves expectatly in question at the viewer- double tap to love. The pieces are strong representations of the ever-fragile ego which frames our self-perceptions, and much of his work exhibits turbulent, fragmented moments of life that tell the tapestry of a larger whole, hidden from view. Chris's prolific use of texture and form simultaneously subdues and articulates the subject matter, reflecting the consistency of our emotions which blur and then focus in our minds; by this, his pieces are strong representations of the ever oscillating mind and impediments to our perceptions.
Chris is a unique voice in UK art, a multi-skilled, self-taught, British artist who has developed a strong, recognisable approach to his subject matter, crafting haunted figures who remain trapped within their own expectations. Chris's work occupies a unique place, as well as white walled galleries can be seen adorning the home of an international DJ, a gangster rapper's studio in L.A., and London based financier's office, the work crosses all manner of divides. There is a great breadth and depth to his practice, with textures that push and pull to enhance the emotions and grit of his subjects. Chris's works are full of urgency. They are intimate reflections with soild, heavy figures are stranded, lost by their own emotions and captured eternally in their strive for self-actualisation. 
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