Nena Dalla Rosa

Nene Dalla Rosa was born in Asolo - Italy - January 22nd 1989.

She graduates in 2018 at Birkbeck University of Arts, specialising in history of art. 

She moved to London age 19 and started collaborating as a set and costumes designer for various short movies, performances and theatre sets.

In within the artistic environment she developed a distinguished creativity and a very unique vision on beauty.


Nene never let go of her love for art and by using new medias in the attempt of developing  her research of a personal aesthetic, she worked on various photography projects as well as pictorial.


Few years later, fascinated by the concept of body art which she links to concepts related to psychology, she undertakes a career as a tattoo artist.


Nene is currently working on her first book and also keeps a blog which is a collection of autobiographical work and memories mixed with her thoughts on modern society, feminism and sexual freedom.