Gitta Duoba

Self- taught artist living and working in London.


I mainly use acrylic or oils. Although I mostly paint from my imagination, I gain

inspiration from the frantic pace of the world, places and people and real life

situations around us. My artworks balancing between abstract and figurative art,

where I often destruct the lines and shapes within the painting for transition from

figurative to abstract vision. I also use collaborations between humans and animals

in my artistic work. I insert fantasy figures and shapes and sometimes use a sense

of humour in my paintings to portray real life situations from different

perspective. In a world that is often dark and makes no sense, my painting is the

salvation of my soul, it allows me to see the light and good in a world that has the

ability of being so confusing. When I struggle to express myself verbally, my

paintings allow me to express a thousand words.