Owain Caruana-Davies

Owain is a artist and designer based in London. His work is known for its bold colours and experimental techniques merging both physical and digital realms. Owain's background is in architecture, where he earned a degree at Oxford School of Architecture. He went on to work at an architectural practice in South Wales where he is originally from. 


Owain achieved a scholarship and grant to study an MA at Chelsea College of Arts. His masters project titled 'Fragmentation' received a Distinction and was awarded the prestigious 'Dean's Award' following a successful exhibition in London. His research focused on post-industrial obsolescence through intervention and inhabitation. His current research explores the ship breaking industry and retired vessels, looking into ways these objects can develop a new purpose after life at sea.


Owain volunteered for a year as a councillor, taking care of 730 student residents to help with problems affecting their wellbeing and mental health. He has a strong interest in design education and is a seasonal tutor at Chelsea College of Arts. Owain has been invited as a critic to University of the Arts London, University of Westminster, Oxford Brookes University, University of Brighton and University for the Creative Arts. Owain is working on a number of projects at an international level including Portugal, Lithuania and London.




See more of Owain's work here.