25 Oct - 5 Nov 2018

Opening 25 Oct from 7pm -12am

Che Cafe Bar, Kosturski Heroi br. 15/2, 1000 Skopje

Maja Taneva


Is a sculptor creating linear art. She loves nature, has a calm mind, is a mother and art educator in love with creative people. Maja currently lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia. She loves the challenge of using industrial rough materials and changing them into clean shiny life paths- sculptures. 




National Academy of Arts Sofia, Master specialties 

Gain scientific degree: Master of Sculpture


National Academy of Arts Sofia,Bachelor specialties.Gain academic degree: Bachelor sculptor with a professional qualification Professor of Fine Art 



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Maja Kirovska


Very often I find my inspiration in non visual art forms like poetry or music. I like to use their way of expression, so I translate their language to visual. I try not to be limited by the form or the medium, so I express the ideas in many different media like drawing, painting, spatial installation, video, sound, performance in a wide range of forms, from free spirited to strict and precise.


Because the reality is multi-layered, my last artworks put in focus some of the most acute problems of the today’s world, such as the refugee crisis, the wars, the states of the human mind, the lack of balance between the human and the environment, etc. It identifies all of them, explores them from different aspects and motivates thinking about the root causes, but also possible solutions in the future and all that we as individuals and a collective can do.



See more work by Maja here.



Marko Vujisic 


I endeavor to embody the space in the sentiment of graphism, the material of its own formal constructions.


The oscillation between the visual and symbolic space is initiated by the forces and the tension, the graphic-artistic elements, in the author's form, through the representation of portraits and landscape environments.

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