Zoe Zorzetto

After a short sabbatical to complete a teaching degree and raise

two children, Zoe Zorzetto has returned to her art practice with renewed energy

and inspiration.


Zoe has always been fascinated by the manner in which

children approach art-making, in particular her 4 year old daughter. She began

to recognize a yearning to create like a child again, with a free-spirit,

complete abandonment, no inhibitions, and a playful attitude. Motivated by the

advice “You are what you do every day,” Zoe set herself a 100-day creative

challenge. This involves her being creative on a daily basis for 100 days in a

row.  The challenge has seemed impossible

and overly-ambitious at times, especially with a young baby, but has had a huge

impact on her creative confidence and life in general. Zoe recently reached the

halfway point in the challenge, and is on average producing 5 resolved artworks

per week. 


The focus of her work has shifted to be essentially

experimental, with the aim of learning through play, hence the project title

‘100 days of play.’  Sometimes Zoe begins

a work with a plan in mind, but mainly (always being short on time), lets her

creative intuition guide her and lets the artwork unfold organically. The

random and the accidental are fully embraced in the making process.

Working primarily in the acrylic medium, Zoe’s style of painting has become

essentially abstract, occasionally geometric, with a touch of whimsy. A strong

sense of colour, pattern and design has always dominated her work. Zoe draws inspiration from the interiors and fashion industries, and simple everyday

things such as a children’s book, or a lovely item of clothing worn by a friend. 


Determined to balance motherhood with her art practice,

Zoe’s newly- cultivated daily ‘play’ habit has officially been ingrained in her

psyche and is now a commitment; a life-long commitment to creativity.




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