Shereen Mahmoud

Shereen Mahmoud  is a Visual Artist based in Brisbane-Australia. She was born in Cairo-Egypt1977, and lived there until she moved to Australia in November 2013.She obtained her Bachelor Of Fine Arts with honors and a major in Sculpture from The Faculty Of Fine Arts-Helwan University Cairo-Egypt in the year 2000. She exhibited her work in many group and solo exhibitions, and taught art through several TV channels in Egypt. Her work can be found in many private collections in Egypt.


Shereen is known for her revealing self-portraits, that incorporates symbolic portrayal of physical and psychological pain. Her work is constantly investigating unrevealed, dark emotions, pain, and existential suffering, aiming to transcend her own anguish, and bring more empathy, compassion, and connectedness to the world.  


She explains” Through my work I portray the reality of the world and my own as I perceive it, I project the pain, and the colors buried inside me, demanding to be seen. I hope to inspire myself and the world to share our pain so that we can relate on deeper levels, drop the many masks we put on to be accepted by others, wear our vulnerability instead, and embrace our complicated selves with its deepest and scariest levels”.


Inspired by the many faces of pain in life, and passionately experimenting with various mediums since the age of seven, shereen does not restrict herself to one medium or form. Study and research is a major part of her life, she is constantly developing her techniques, exploring new mediums , and learning new ways to create her self-portraits ,express her vision, and convey her messages through sculpture, painting, digital ,and wearable art.


Described in Alahram Weekly Journal by Art critic Osama Kamal, as “She turns the exhibition space into a panoramic scene, where portraits lines up like performers, demanding to be heard. An Artist who knows how to make the inanimate speak”.




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