Annalee Beer

"Hello. My name is Annalee Beer. I am a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brisbane, Australia. My art is an exploration of the boundaries between the artisan crafts and the fine arts. Within this exploration I have been focusing on the themes of intricacy, florals and the value of femininity.


I am passionate about creating and enjoy working with decadent materials bringing intricate designs to life.  I create fine artworks, both paintings and sculptures, and also create intricately hand crafted artisan jewellery items. I’ve been exploring a number of different mediums, including oil paints, and my coloured pencil and marker series, however I consider my main medium to be beadwork.


When it comes to my fine art work, I enjoy the decorative arts, and believe there is a lot of genuine value to humanity in them. As a subject for artwork I don’t think that works made primarily for their decorative/aesthetic appeal are lesser than other forms of art. Decorative arts can evoke powerful feelings of the sublime. I believe the emotional responses that people have to decorative arts, both the subtle emotions caused by the slight lift in well-being when one feels their surroundings are pleasant, and the powerful feelings that can occur when admiring something beautiful — I believe these feelings and responses are as worthy of exploration in art as any other human experience.


I also have a special love for art that relates to the feminine, both superficial aspects of femininity, but also art about women's feelings, thoughts and experiences."




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