Adolphe Piche

Since 2013, Brisbane has been my home and studio. As an award winning artist, I am currently engaged in studies of the female form, figures as well as portraits, I draw and paint using only life models, who arrange themselves according to mood. I am guided by the personalities and vulnerabilities they share with me and thrive off the energy they bring to my space and the company they provide. That is why, contrary to todays trend, I never use pictures mechanically produced to make art. In my opinion, nothing can replace the experience of direct human interaction.


I work quickly and intuitively, I do not pre-prepare or overthink what I am about to do. There is a great deal of improvisation, specially in my lager works.


I feel a certain nostalgia for the human dimension in the art of the past and at the same time, I do have the ambition to be totally contemporary.




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