Robbie Shepherd

Robbie is a Gloucestershire based freelance illustrator born in Madagascar. He graduated from Middlesex University back in 2014 with a BA Honours degree in Illustration. His style and art varies using fine liners/markers or brush pen work to pattern and digitally manipulated imagery. His work tends to focus on simple day to day struggles, observations or experiences. He likes to convey or project humour, social commentary, or even sarcasm through his work in which he hopes people can relate or gravitate towards.


Robbie is heavily influenced by African or tribal masks and patterning. One of his big influences is London based artist Neal Fox, mainly because of his offbeat cut anti-establishment creations projected through his work. Robbie likes to think of himself as a bit of an oddity at times and that can sometimes reflect in his work.




See more of Robbie's work here.