Maya Shankla

Maya has always responded to Art- seeing it, learning about it, experiencing it, and creating it. As a painter, she sees herself as a colourist –manipulating and experimenting with tints, shades and hues in a variety of genres. Maya is passionate about colour and feels spiritually enlivened when she's in a dynamic and vivid environment. This perhaps, is from her upbringing in Kenya, where light danced with the flamboyant people, vibrant landscapes and strikingly marked animals. For her, enlivening the canvas with dynamic colour is a spontaneous and creative process. A blank canvas will start with a layer of bold pigment and then her physical involvement with brush and paint dictates what will happen next. Maya is led by the mood she is in and influenced by the day to day interactions with the people and places she has been. Often, she works very quickly and intuitively, responding to each brushstroke, painting layer after layer and then removing and revealing what lies beneath. The abstract form remains essential to Maya. She wants the viewer to interpret and imagine for themselves, take a little bit of joy from what they have seen and evoke their own emotional response.