Pero Kovancaliev

“Life as a balloon" is installation how continues to complement and transform into different spaces through the showpieces called Bio-balloons. The installation maintains the discourse of activism and political art, which questions the power and the role of art and the artist in society. In the meantime, it is trying to give its own contribution to the context of sustainable development, by focusing on one of the many industries that on a daily basis use brutal exploitation in order to increase the personal profits, and thus leave everlasting consequences at man and the environment.


The Bio-balloons, before their transformation process through impregnation and preparation, were an integral part of a biological living entity. They are organs, i.e. urinary bladders of animals, with discharged urine, and the inside filled with air.


The organ is from that animal was forcefully reproduced, tortured, terrorized, and at the end killed to be offered at the market as product for profit.

They illustrate an abstract bio-form that symbolizes the last breath of life in the animal. Through this balloon form, in a cynical manner the cultural and traditional image of humans is displayed, as the ones who daily terrorize the weaker and voiceless, thus celebrating their life. 



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Bojana Bozhinovska


GAMARO was born from the need to experiment with the notion of what jewelry represents. By introducing art pieces with character, each one unique and holding power to reflect a personal story, Gamaro grew to become a story of aesthetics focusing on clean lines, sculptural design and modern silhouettes.



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Ana Jovanovska

 Ana Jovanovska is interested in combining the word and the image and exploring or depicting themes that have a social element, presenting it as art that is concerned with the reality of today’s society. The structure of society is in many ways conditioned by the structure of language itself. The works address the problem of the modern-day man. They elaborate on: artificial grouping or separation of a society and the search for individual identity in the collective, discourse of power and it’s cause and products (that tend to happen simultaneously), war or the human spirit, examining traditions and memories.


In her Plastic (epoxy wax readymade) series, Ana expresses that plastics have virtually no shelf life (it is ≈ eternal), it shapes the work materially and technically, and represents plastic thoughts (which, consequently, by definition of what plastic is, become permanent and eternal) showing how something is experienced and treated on the basis of this plastic thinking. It encourages removing established molds and stencils of thinking and acting and reshaping the eternal plastic mold.


In her installation, Us (mixed media art object), Ana explores the inexhaustible theme of the relationship between human nature with its social constitution is displayed through juxtaposing this duality in the materialization of the work. The visual approach to the problem of the individual-society, man-woman, human-nature-social norm is interpreted in layers, gradually removing redundant information in order to provide insight on the uniqueness of existence.

The see through paper foil conceals but also reveals layers of human relationships, revealing / concealing a part of us.



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On the Night