Samantha Ball

Her themes are influenced through traditional drawing methods. Her medium uses pencil to paper, and her approach focuses on depicting structural illustrations that portray the aesthetics of the subject. From the London Eye, Big Ben, to the feathered detail of a Harris Hawk, Samantha looks to maximise her abilities in how pencil can create illustrational works that art attractive and appealing to the viewer's eye.


Her style of work is heavily based on subject matters that have influence her through its design, emotional impact, or its challenging perspective. No background to her work is included for the reason that her intention is to accentuate the impressive form of the subject that she sees. By isolating the subject to its background, we can start to appreciate the design of an object's structure, which is often taken for granted. From this, not only it the ability of her drawing skill's appreciated, but the form of the subject is recognised and admired for its initial purpose and existence. 



Find more of Samantha's work here.