Sofia Suleiman

Artist & Creative

‘I aim to capture my soul when painting, I enjoy the process and playfulness of creating something, and I feel paint and colour can really capture my mood and energy. I love the process of painting, and the outcome is always different. I feel that there is always a new story being told in each painting; when taking in my paintings it is as if reading a reflective diary. I can observe and bring awareness to whats going on internally through the process of painting. I love how combinations of colour create different ambiances and atmosphere. Painting is a way for me to express my soul. The narratives of my paintings look at light and how it is never ending constant, it is a metaphor for the process of life, the use of the material gold leaf is here to represent this idea. I hope for the viewer to resonate with the paintings and find common ground and connection through the medium of art.’ 


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