Peggy Beard Jewellery

Peggy Beard is a London-based jewellery brand, established in 2016 by London College of Fashion

graduate Shannon Hayes.


Named after Shannon’s much loved grandmother, Peggy Beard makes jewellery that is fun and

expressive, whilst also being stylish. The brand’s designs combine bold, recognisable and playful

shapes with a love of colour and quality materials. Peggy Beards signature style is a balance of

sophistication and quirkiness.


Shannon makes all of her jewellery in brass which is hand polished then plated in bright 24ct Gold.

Many of her pieces are carefully coloured with resin to create a shiny hard surface that resembles

traditional enamel. Genuine Swarovski Crystals are used to add a final sparkle.


All pieces are handmade by Shannon Hayes at her home in East London, and she prides herself on

ensuring each piece is made to a high standard.




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