Giorgia Frare


Since I was a little child, I would spent entire days looking at old photo albums at my

grandparents house. 

I have always found very special how a certain moment in time could be ingrained on a

printed piece of paper. I loved how who was represented in a photograph could remember

the exact moment when it was taken and the story behind every memory.


I was given my first camera when I was 6 years old. It was a disposable Kodak film

camera which I always carried around with me.

When I moved to London more than 4 years ago I decided to make a career out of my



I graduated at the British Academy of Photography in January.

Everything I see, I want to remember. Therefore I photograph. 

Every person has a story to tell. Photography is storytelling. 

Every place I go is a memory. Every moment is a memory. 

Everywhere I go, everyone I meet, everything I do, will be frozen in time. 

Everything is a photograph.



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