Naomi Shewa

In the end, it's about creating an experience. No matter how small.



Naomi Shewa is a multidisciplinary artist currently studying Architecture at the Royal College of Art; she notes architecture as a major role in developing the importance for human experience in her work. Starting from the belief that delivering experience should be fundamental in design, Naomi embarks on using different mediums and tools to ultimately provide receptors with a story that can be shared.


Inspired by the ideologies of artist such as Peter Zumthor, James Turrell and Mark Rothko, Naomi focuses on creating abstract pieces, which deliver a sense of emotive experience. 


Recent works include the use of the uninhibited flow of paint to create continuous moment that mimic the emotive states in one limbic system. She uses viscosity and colours to symbolise the actions and reactions that occur simultaneously with emotions. 


Mawu- named after the God of the moon in African folklore- uses computing and paint to create an abstract soundscape matched by the visual output. She records Mawu as a design that provides three different sensory occasions: to feel, to see and to hear. Mawu works from contact and in return delivers a reactional output that aims to engage users.



Ultimately, it's about being so absorbed by something that you take it away with you long after you've left it visually. The beauty in art shouldn't be exclusive to what you see, that's the tope layer. For me, the beauty lies in that moment when all your senses conceive to make an emotional truth. That subjective experience of phenomena is possibly more important than the physical piece itself. I've made peace with that.




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