Bare Agency


Caters to the Nude Arts. Established in the heart of East London, Bare Agency aims to promote creativity around the bare essentials: from personalized life drawing sessions that cater to any private or public event to creating a safe space for models and photographers to collaborate and create. Models are available for life drawing events and photography.



You can take part in and learn more about Bare's life drawing classes here

The Aleph Review


The Aleph Review is an anthology of contemporary creative literary and artistic expression based in Lahore, Pakistan. The publication features a variety of artists and have collaborated with PoptArt to feature London artists in their issues.


You can read more about The Aleph Review and its growing outreach here.

Allmost Studio & Gallery


Founded in 2015 by a creative family, including Theresa Baxter, friend and fellow art enthusiast. Allmost is located in Mid City, Los Angeles and is a hub for all things creative. Its mission is to provide accessible and creative space, resources and community for up and coming artists and creatives in Los Angeles. They strive to be the answer to the challenges that creatives face by sharing knowledge, methods and inspiration. They believe that production value is the missing link between the underground art world and audiences - and they seek to bridge that gap by producing exciting, immersive exhibitions to showcase the work of their artists.


If you're ever in the neighbourhood, stop by Allmost! Something's always going on there...


Find out more about Allmost here.