PoptArt was founded by Karel Kingsley in 2015. PoptArt operates a pop up gallery that exhibits London artists  while utilising various unique, dormant or vibrant spaces across London. Changing location aims to extend artist networks  while attracting local audiences. Whether you are an emerging, graduate or local artist, PoptArt employs an 'open-door' policy for the open mind and various mediums of visual art. We are working to create a friendly environment so that you may admire, network and celebrate the wonders of local artists in eclectic spaces. 





"My proudest achievement was successfully securing a position on the Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme offered by City University London. It offers up to 20 positions of the 1,000 offered in the UK each year. My concept was to create a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit their work affordably and network with other creative individuals in London. I curate, market and organise various art events that inspire creativity and connect local buyers with local artists. Now, nearly 2.5 years later, I have curated 20 events including one in Brisbane, Australia. I have worked with over 100 artists from various backgrounds and watched PoptArt grow organically. I myself am an artist, creative enthusiast and people person. I utilise these gifts together with my passion to make my idea a reality."




-Karel Kingsley