Zari Gallery Private View 20.04.2017

Colours, Colours Everywhere

Tonight was particularly special because I was coming out to a private view for the first time as an "instagram follower". I dragged one of my coworkers along with the usual excuse of pretty things, drinks and chats with the possibility of drunken eats afterwards



Obligatory artist blurb: Strongly influenced by the Abstract Expressionists and the romantic light of the Old Masters, Ian Rayer-Smith is a Manchester-based artist, whose oil and acrylic paintings effortlessly fuse the figurative and the surreal, suggesting a real sense of classical yet contemporary otherworldliness. Voted one of Manchester’s Top 10 Artists by Manchester Confidential and Winner of the 2014 Warrington Contemporary Prize, Ian has been hailed as one of the North’s artists to watch.

Coats off, programme and bubbly in hand- it was showtime and the critiquing began. The whole collection was aesthetically pleasing with an array of brush strokes and colour choices. It didn't take us long before we stopped critiquing the work and started critiquing the other viewers. 


Did they know the artist? Were they instragram fans as well? Where did they come from and where were they going after?

Who is Ian Rayer Smith? Someone lovely, creative and open to talking about his artworks. I've been to many private views and its always interesting to hear the story behind the works and equally the story behind the artist. Stereotypically artists are illusive, unrelatable, eccentric and stuck up. Ian wasn't and it made it even worth the while to come out that evening to support someone that I follow on social media.


Undoubtably serving drinks at an exhibition  lubricates the act of buying, but it also gets  the conversations flowing. I would say about 60% of my conversations that night had to do with art if not the art on the walls. The remaining 40% were about life- our choices, regrets and desires. Even spoke about my recent trip to Milan and even my latest ex-boyfriend. It's funny whom you open up to at these kinds of events and how a mere conversation about the art on the walls can end up with you going home feeling inspired, insightful and tipsy. I haven't written about my private view adventures since last summer (due to laziness and arguably extreme busy-ness) but I felt I needed to document this experience. I also took some really pretty pictures. 

After exchanging some business cards and follows, we called it an evening. 


Oh yes, there were drunken eats afterwards.

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